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This weeks “Top Video” Feb 20,2020

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How to weaponize a pu**y/vagina?

Teyana Taylor’s “The Album” is the truth!

“Jamo” T.U.F. Music Review


Teyana Taylor is the truth! The singer-songwriter’s latest studio release, titled simply “The Album,” is timely for today, answering the call for the people who want to get a release of musical feelings. She keeps it real with her deep dive into the female love weapons and manages to move your hips too. She was pregnant when she started this project, and maybe that helped her move into lyrics and music that reaches this visceral feeling of a woman.

“The Album” is divided into five themes: Studio A, which is love songs; Studio L, which shows Taylor’s sexuality; Studio B, which is about her self-worth; Studio U is vulnerability; and Studio M, in which she finds triumph.

Of the tracks on “The Album,” “Killa” is tight, and “Bad” is a standout. She has a few more songs that I feel are sleepers, but they are the depth of this album that set the foundation.

“The Album” is out now and available everywhere.


The Hit List

My song hit list, not necessarily in this order but that’s based on too many factors.



“We got love”(feat. Lauryn Hill)

“How you want it”?


“Ever Ever”


“Killa” (feat. Davido)



“Lose Each Other”

“Bare Wit Me”

“Shoot It Up” (feat. Big Sean)

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