Why Ghana ?

The Gold Coast in Ghana, Africa

In 1471 the Portuguese first arrived along the south of Ghana. They several small kingdoms which had vast supplies of gold. These Kingdoms generated a lot of wealth by enslaving people taken during war and selling them to traders bound for North Africa and the Middle East. The Portuguese established themselves along the coast building castles and fortresses. They built up a gold and slave trade with local kingdoms in exchange for European goods.

Other European countries heard of the vast wealth along the Gold Coast. The slave trade along with gold trade become hugely profitable with slaves being sent to the Caribbean and south America. Thorgh diplomacy, outright purchases and war the British expanded their empire. In 1834 they abolished transatlantic slavery. In 1867 the British began to control the entire area as the rapid expansion of colonies in Africa and the Americas expanded the empire further.

The Ashanti people who were the majority population in Ghana before Europeans arrived had many conflicts with the British. Between 1895–96 they fought in a fourth and final war which the British won. In the years that followed the British mined the country for precious minerals, wood and spices while building infrastructure, schools and hospitals which are still in use today. By the end of the second world war the colonies were demanding Independence.

The Gold Coast Independence

In 1956 British Togoland merged with the Gold Coast to become one large colony. In 1957 the colony became independent and was known as Ghana. Today Ghana still produces impressive quantities of gold. However the Gold Coast itself is far from impressive looking. Political issues and corruption have resulted in the historic areas becoming rundown.

Gold Coast, Ghana, Africa

Today fisherman mainly frequent the coast in colorful boats.

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